Court Documents

  1. Email Exchange Ordering Jeff not to hire any Lawyer
  2. Order Appointing Receiver over Individual in Settled Case
  3. Jeff Baron Motion to Stay
  4. Jeff Baron Motion for Reconsideration
  5. Excerpts from Hearing Transcript
  6. LLC Motion to Stay
  7. Jeff Baron Appeal Brief
  8. LLC Appeal Brief
  9. John MacPete's Reported Cases Including Incident with Child
  10. Gary Schepps Pleading, in vain, to Court for Jury Trial
  11. Jeff Baron Motion concerning receiver Vogel "framing" Baron's Counsel
  12. Motion to Allow Jeff to Hire a Lawyer and Receiver Kangaroo Court
  13. Response to Receiver's Motion to "redistribute" $1mm of Jeff's money to receiver's colleagues
  14. Vogel's Attempt to Control Jeff's Medical Treatment and Force Psychological Treatment
  15. Vogel's Attempt to Justify Interference with Jeff's Medical Treatment
  16. Objection to nth deposition of Jeff Baron
  17. Objection to Sherman's additional fee request and conspiring with Receiver
  18. Motion to Recuse Judge
  19. Jeff's Response to Paying Lawyers' Groundless Claims
  20. Jeff's 3rd Motion To Stay Receivership
  21. Jeff's Motion to Restore his Civil Rights
  22. Jeff's Motion for Expedited Ruling to Restore Civil Rights
  23. Jeff's 4th Motion to Stay Receivership based on First Amendment
  24. Order Sealing Evidence From the Public
  25. Motion to Stay Vogel Subpoena of Median Liaison
  26. Response To Carrington Coleman's Motion to Dismiss
  27. Response to Vogel's request to avoid paying taxes and fulfilling other responsibilities
  28. 10-21-11 Opposition to Vogel's 11th Fee Request and Vogel/Sherman Fraud assertion
  29. 10-12-11 Response to Eighth Thomas Fee Request and Vogel/Sherman Enterprise
  30. 10-6-11 Appellant's Brief Appealing Additional Attorney Fees
  32. 3-7-12_Objection to More Fees (Excellent Summary of Legal Arguments)
  33. 3-27-2012-Brief.pdf
  34. Motion Requesting To Appoint Steve Cochelle as Lawyer
  35. Request For Judge to Explain Secret Proceedings
  36. Vogel's Accusation that Jeff is Vexatious for not hiring lawyer
  37. Vogel's Accusation that Jeff is Vexatious for requesting to hire a lawyer
  38. Cochelle Response to Vogel accusing Cochell of being Vexatious

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