James Eckels Charged with Criminal Wiretapping, Invasion of Privacy, and Breach of Duty

Attorney James Eckels, former lawyer for Jeff Baron and Quantec, LLC, turned co-conspirer has been charged with criminal wiretapping, invasion of privacy, and breach of fiduciary duty by another former client. Chris Faulkner, Eckels' former client sued Eckels for breach of duty and criminal wiretapping. Faulkner is the owner of Cassiopia Internet (A/K/A CI Host) where Eckels is general counsel. Eckels is accused of illegally "intercepting, reading and storing" Faulkner's emails from his computer without Faulkner's knowledge (A crime in Texas). While Eckels' alleged crimes in the Faulkner case is on a smaller scale than in Jeff's case, there appears to be a pattern developing here. Click Here to view the complaint that Mr. Faulkner filed against Eckels.

In Jeff's case, Eckels was originally hired and paid to protect the assets owned through the diabetes research trust. Now, Eckels is a key participant in liquidating the very same assets that he was hired to preserve and protect-- liquidating them in private, secret sales to undisclosed buyers in order to put more money into his and Peter Vogel's bulging pockets.

How would you like to hire Mr. Eckels to be your lawyer?

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