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Mr. Baron, please read "Amicus CuriƦ Information Regarding Judge W. Royal Furgeson, Jr.," (Document 198, filed February 2, 2012 in MDL 2119, regarding NDTX Civil Action No. 3:11-02733) on PACER or The information provided to the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML), where Furgeson is a member, was discovered in an extensive investigation into the reasons for Furgeson's irrational rulings that aided and abetted former Northern District judge, Joe Kendall, in a similar theft of $6 million in stock of Fossil, Inc. for "court-appointed" attorneys in a court-ordered "settlement" of a frivolous derivative action purportedly on behalf of Fossil shareholders and against Fossil's directors. (See "Statement of Objection and Grounds for Objection," Document 202, filed June 15, 2011 in NDTX 3:06-cv-01672-F, available on PACER).


Furgeson's aiding and abetting "court-appointed" lawyers who are his friends and family members in these thefts shows a clear pattern of judicial misconduct that should be reported to the Judicial Council of the Fifth Circuit. An example of a successful complaint that resulted in the impeachment of G. Thomas Porteous, Jr. last January is available at General information on Judicial Misconduct Rules are available at


Civil RICO or 42 USC 1983 actions against the attorneys who were unjustly enriched by unconscionable or unearned fees through these scams may also be needed, however these need to be removed for obvious reasons from the Northern District of Texas and possibly from the Fifth Circuit altogether.


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